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About Us.

Our Vision.

Great Attention to Detail

We Innovate and Bring New Possibilities in the Design of Each Project.

While having dedicated the past 15 years to rapid growth that ran parallel with Korea’s economic development, SAMOO seeks to become a responsible partner that offers the best service in realizing the vision of our clients as well as improving our architectural environment and creating a legacy for future generations.

Our Achievements

Hi, We are Sopel Inc.

We are Specialized in the Management of Design, Construction, Interior Design Projects.

SOPEL INC. Architects & Engineers is a global architecture company which provides a total solution covering from architectural, urban, interior, sustainable design to engineering. Since, 2005, SOPEL INC, has completed about 800 projects. The more than 15 award winning records explains SOPEL INC, design competence which has been refined throughout the last 15 years. SOPEL INC, has Runner all the three biggest design awards such as Red Dot, IDEA and IF Design Award, and through that, SOPEL INC, has proved its superiority in design to the world. 

SOPEL INC,  possesses a full systematic organization to provide clients with necessary administrative services and specialized functions in design, engineering & construction and construction management to maximize benefits to clients. A breakdown of expertise within Sope Inc.